Friday, July 29, 2011

Update: July 29. Lots new, lots of work...

Well, after a few days of unbearable weather my family finally got an AC unit, however, we pushed on and continued working outside on the car. After a week of dodging heat strokes the progress has been amazing. Here are the pics.The motor and transmission fully mounted in the engine bay. This was probably the most labor intensive aspect of the entire project so far. Burned up or shattered about four drill bits. Man I hate drilling through steel.
This is a Curtis 1205-117, it's not powerful enough for road driving but it made a nice test controller for the motor, it runs smoothly but 36 volts and 400 amps just won't be enough for this project I don't think.
Here is the engine wiring harness dangling from the side of the car, I'm kind of tempted to find someone to airbrush a slightly larger series of wires coming from the hood of the car, kind of a roundabout symbol of "Hey! I don't even need all this extra crap connected, I'm electric!" for the car.
Here's just a picture of the front of the car, quite sad looking right now, but it will be better soon.
Just two days ago we rolled the car to the bottom of the hill in our driveway and then hooked it to 24 volts and had it pull itself back up the hill. Fun fun.
I am not certain that I will be making the controller, I'm looking at Paul and Sabrina's open source controller, it seems like it would be a nice setup for what I'm doing.
I sure hope this weather quits being so radical, it's raining here for the first time in a long time, so it's better than the 105 degrees all day long that we were having just yesterday.

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