Friday, September 14, 2012

9 months later...

No, not *That*, silly! It's just been nine months since my last post! I'm in college now, so I haven't got as much time as I would like to have. In fact, I need to go grab breakfast and head to class ASAP... But I wanted to update this first.

The car has been mildly upgraded since the last 120 volt video to the full 144 volts (12 batteries) and I soon intend to switch over to lithium! 50 70 amp hour cells in fact (170 volts O.o)... I'm about half way there monetarily... $2k out of ~$4k. So it will be a few more months unless the project gets an unexpected money transfusion.

There's another video on youtube as well!

Nothing really special, just driving the fully volted up car.

I'm dragging it out on a tow-dolly this weekend to impress the Missouri S&T admissions people who are coming out this Thursday...

Also, I helped a friend on her chemistry homework last night... Couldn't solve those pesky isotopic percent in nature problems... Percentages make things very confusing sometimes... >.<

P.S. If anyone has any mad scientist symbol memes, let me know. <.<     >.>    *shrugs*

The best of luck to anyone visiting this old relic! Even though it was updated today...
Bah, whatever. I'm off to go eat! "Omnomnom..."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo-Op with a turbine on the seventh (1/14/2012)

Here are a few of the better pictures taken last weekend when we drove down to the nearest wind-farm about forty miles away. Sadly the car was not driven but instead put on a car dolly for the ride (I really wish I could afford those LIFEPO4 batteries... Could've done the journey without external help. Oh well, some other year I guess.

And of course some humor, if you don't get the reference you should watch the movie "Wind".

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts (1/2/2012)

Update from yesterday, I got a few makeshift blades on the wind turbine gen, works well, getting 8 volts with really really crappy blades.

So, I think I'm going to reconnect the motor differently to be parallel wound rather than series wound. no idea how well the idea will work, but in theory it should double the RPM of the motor and double the possible amp draw (not an issue at this point seeing as I've never seen it get past 125 amps on the meter).

No idea when I will be able to get to the lugs to change things around, hopefully soonish.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Up and runng, sort of. (1/1/2012)

Hello again.

The car is in running condition, however it still has some more work to be done to it still. Firstly I have recently painted it for the most part, some more work still to be done there, but it's close. Secondly I officially hate regular lead acid batteries, the four in the front are calling ti quites on me and I've had several others die for no reason I could find. Thirdly I am going to start another smaller side project, a small electric assist recumbent bicycle, just because I like the simplicity and the looks.

I have had the car running on 144 volts before but my battery situation prevented that from lasting.

Here is a video of the car on 120 volts and some pics of the paint: