Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sadly, nothing new to report other than the fact that there's nothing new to report.
It's rather interesting how mood can influence tone of writing. I sounded rather excited and overly emotional in my last post, likely due to the fact that I was just starting my first relationship (yeah, building stuff like electric cars during your high school career will postpone that until college)... That came and went and now I'm just sitting here in far different circumstances.
The car has been sitting out the winter, Lead Acid batteries just can't take the cold and nor can I when there's only a tiny amount of heat available to pump into the cabin. Hopefully some new and more interesting stuff will come up this summer! I'm currently looking at finishing my old wind turbine and starting a new and larger (yes, larger than a car) project to build an 'Earthship'. We'll see how that goes and I'll throw a link to a new blog for it when it starts on here.
Anyway, that's about it really. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates this summer when I get out of college!